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  1. As i first time dog owner ending up with a big confident male dog, i really struggled with the old ideas of dominance and i just had no idea how i could build a loving, trusting relationship with this wonderful animal. I needed help in a big way!

    Thankfully bono was recommended to me and its unbelievable how far we have come! Truely i have learnt so much from bono about dogs and the way that they communicate and interact. I now have a wonderful relationship of mutual respect and understanding with my big boy.

    Bono has helped us transition from two stressed out adults speaking a different language to two buddys who can hangout and have heaps of fun together.

    Couldnt recommend bono highly enough. I am so thankful he has shown us the joys of long leash walking and scent work. I have been using bono for 2 years now and my dogs ( we now have 2 ) absolutely adore him which is recommendation enough!

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