Why Dogs Love Elena & the Team @ AnimalPhysioNZ

My dogs literally jump out of the car and stear themselfs right towards AnimalphysioNZ’s entry every time we arrive there. If time is short to treat all my hounds, disappointment is hudge by the dog that didn’t get her or his time on the bed with Elena.

And I’m sure Im not exaggerating when I share with you my perception, that all dogs that go there seem to feel the same; they know their discomforts are going to be addressed and they will leave painfree or at least feeling a great deal better.
Elena is hudgely educated in the field of Animal Physiotherapy; importantly, she is also very natural with the dogs. She travels far and wide tutoring vets and veterinary surgeons.
That is why we are so lucky to have her present at The Nature of Dog Seminar next April.

🐕 “What is involved in becoming an Animal Physiotherapist?”

Elena: “Well, first one has to become a human physiotherapist or veterinarian or already be a certified physiotherapist. After that, one has to do a post graduate study in animal rehab which is all done overseas. You can then get certified as an animal physio and start practising”

🐕 “You were a (human) physiotherapist for many years, why the shift to animal rehabilitation?”

Elena: “I had 5 very successful clinics around Christchurch with 40 plus staff and managers running these businesses.
One day I saw a seminar advertised for information about animal physiotherapy on the Gold Coast in Australia, which I then decided to attend. I really loved the idea of offering physio to animals. I thought of it just as a hobby at first but as my clinics were so successful and running smoothly, I travelled to the USA to study for ceveral years to become certified as an animal physiotherapist. Once I had all my qualifications, I went to Vetspecs and offered them to do rehab for recovering animals which worked out very well.
Then the Christchurch Earthquakes occured. All my “human”-clinics were destroyed and my house was red stickered. I volunteered to offer physio for the search & rescue dogs and my staff offered physio for the humans at the army hubs in town. I did eventually reopen two (human) clinics but felt I’d rather specialize in animal rehab. We now have 3 clinics around Christchurch and we all just love our clients”

20191014_154739 20191014_192159 To Cash, Del & Loren, my beautiful greyhounds, Elena means the world; I can see the improvement in their movement, their behaviour and their moods.
As a behaviour practitioner, I know that pain and illness are the most likely cause of many “problem” behaviour patterns; the brain, mind and body are interconnected. Ethically, musculoskeletal and / or physical illness have to always be investigated first before any behaviour therapy is attempted. I feel very fortunate to have met Elena and her team to help my hounds and in turn…. me and my clients as well.

Elena will be presenting at The Nature of Dog Seminar on Sunday the 19th of April 2020.

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