“The Why we Do, What we Do”

This is Why we do What we do:

Our walk today- Elsa and me out at Hauls road-
This is what we do at SpeakingDog- its not about quantity dog group but one on one interaction. Is being social important to dogs? Yes; but being social doesnt just mean running about in a group of dogs getting adrenalized- social is also just hanging out; spending time just doing as dogs choose to; chewing, looking, hunting down a bunny track zigzaging; resting, wondering what the human does behind the bushes- (FYI picking up pine cones- mind out of gutter please!! 😉😂)
We walk any dog; no matter what behaviour symptoms they may show; letting them choose, sniff, being curious and thus getting more confident with scary things around us.
The other plus of one on one- we can do scent games together; lost retrieve, descriminate mushrooms, finding a specific stick or toy in a field etc. I do understand to humans competitions are important but honestly the dogs couldnt care less about that ribbon. They love soending time with us thats what they want and need-
Our walk is calming and intriguing
Many times i hear people say to me: “he needs extra excersise to calm him down to make him tired so get him to run”
No!! adrenalizing dogs with fast games is not calming nor is running next to you or you bike. Every now and then is great but my job is to excersise their greycells first the body second. We do “doggie-joga” rather then cardio work outs. (You’ll never out-work a dog; actually using his brain uses more energy)
A dog that learns to use his brain past the commands and genetic behaviour patterns becomes a more calmer and emotionally balanced dog.
So in process to our walk, with any dog we take on, their behaviours will balance out. Does that happen quickly? No it is induvidual dependent.
There are no quick solutions even if it looks like it with some tools. Its a perceptive illusion. Its what magicians use.
We do walk small groups (2-3 tops) especially a younger dog with a balanced more experienced dog. This is so the younger dog learns his language from the older dog. This is what socialization is about. This is where he learns from the older dog not just to run at others, to share, to communicate, to play gently, to get proper bite inhibition, inhibit aggression etc…

And this my friends is Why we do What we do

Bono Out