Haqihana Harness


I came across the Haqihana harness when I attended my first Turid Rugaas seminar in Perth in May 2014. I had previously used all different models dog harnesses on my dogs. One of my hounds, Cash, managed to get out of every single one with two simple moves.

So when i was told how great the Haqihana harness is, naturally I was a little suspicious. But I was asured that if this harness wasn’t the best fitting harness I had bought I would get my money back. I proceeded to buy 2. A medium and a large.

Upon my return home I tried the harnesses on my dogs. I was amazed!! They moved so freely and were less reactive. I was still worried that Cash would get out of his harness but to this day he was never able to escape through the straps. One of the doggie clients of mine, Lokie, who is very reactive to other dogs was much calmer when she was walked on the Haqihana harness.

Why is the Haqihana harness so good?

Firstly, it is one of the most adjustable harnesses on todays market with ajustment buckles on both front straps, both back straps and the belly strap. They are handmade in many overlapping sizes from XXXS to XL. Haqihana even make harnesses with longer top straps for dogs with long and lean body shapes and the “Double-H” for the ‘Canine-Hudinis’.

2017-08-18 17.21.52
Tui wearing the “double-h” in size S

It makes it the perfect fit for any shape dog.

2017-08-25 16.21.21

This is my hound Loren. She is wearing a steal coloured, medium size Haqihana harness. The red arrows point at the 5 ajustment buckles. You can see that her neck and throat are totally free from any pressure so is her shoulder area, including the shoulder blade and ‘arm-pits’. The straps are made with low friction Nylon which means even short haired dogs wont feel any rubbing and chuffing like with many other harness modles with heavy felt padding or thick Nylon.

The Effect:

The effect on the dog wearing a Haqihana harness is that he wont feel any discomfort or pain because there is no pressure to the dogs throat, neck, shoulder or belly area. The pressure from a dog pulling forward is distributed through the dogs sternum by the right adjustment on the front and back straps, while the adjustment on the belly strap provides sufficient clearance behind the shoulder area.

From a behaviour point of view, this harness is great to avoid any negative association created by pain.

The Dogs Shoulder Area

What most of us dog owners don’t understand is how the dog moves. It was common to think the dogs front limbs are moved by the shoulder joint, however a recent study by Professor Dr. Martin Fischer and Karin E. Lilje has found that the dogs front limbs are moved by the dogs shoulder blade like a pendalum. The shoulder blade in turn is moved by the muscles attached to the blade making it a force driven joint.

This is relevant because, if there is pressure on the muscles or blade while they move, either by a strap or big padding, it actually hinders free movement and becomes very uncomfortable if not painful.

The Throat & Neck:

On the other hand, most owners these days know or should know how important it is to keep any form of pressure of the dogs throat and neck area.

Any type of pressure, even just for a fraction of time can cause injury to the dogs throat organs, nerves, spinal cord, vertebrae & discs, trachea, larynx, oesophagus even the dogs tongue bone.

The most undiagnosed injury is to the dogs thyroid. The thyroid is a very important hormone secreating organ that controls such things as heart beat, blood pressure, temperature regulation, digestion etc.

Now, one might say I am biased because I sell the Haqihana harness here in New Zealand and this is just another marketing technique. It isn’t! I truly believe this is the best walking tool alongside a long leash that every loveing dog owner should supply to his or her canine friend; your dog will love you even more


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